The importance of photographs for Gay male escorts

27 Aug

If you are a gay male escort, you know the importance of photographs in attracting new clients. If a client can’t see what you look like, how are they going to know if they want to spend time with you for an evening?

What many male escorts don’t realize, however, is the importance of posting photographs that portray a realistic, yet flattering view of your appearance. Done correctly, a picture says more than a thousand words, but a bad picture can unfortunately say just as much. You would think that not posting bad pictures would be obvious, but over the years I’ve seen many male escorts in Toronto post poor quality pictures that have been taken from a webcam or cheap camera phone. Then there are those who go too far in the opposite direction, using programs like Photoshop to airbrush away every blemish and wrinkle to the point that they begin to look like a cross between Calvin Klein model and a plastic doll. As appealing as that look might be to some, most clients are cautious about choosing a guy who they fear will turn up looking differently. There is nothing worse than expecting a ten and meeting up with a seven, and when a client experiences such a disappointment they are not likely to return to see you again.

Over the years, I have spoken to a number of clients about this particular subject, and have come to the conclusion that clients are much more enticed by seeing a realistic looking photo of a decent looking guy than they are a fake looking photo of a spectacular looking guy. Because of this, it is far more likely that they would choose an escort who posts bad quality pictures than ones that scream: Photoshop! Your best bet, however, is to post a variety of different pictures, including professional level portraits and natural looking photographs that portray how you really look in everyday life. Hiring a professional photographer is not necessary. Your personality is what will really bring in clients, so be sure to include a few photos that show you smiling and laughing. This tells clients that you are a fun and nice person to be around.

I am always interested in gathering opinions on this subject. Escorts, what sort of pictures do you feel bring in the most new clients? As for the clients, what type of pictures would you most like to see on the profile of an escort you are considering? Does it matter if they are professional or not? Do you prefer any particular looks or poses?

I’d also love to hear from professional photographers who do work for gay escorts. Do you have any recommendations for the types of photographs most escorts should take? I will be happy to post your contact details if you wish. For more information and a deep insight about Toronto male escorts feel free to visit us at irentescort.

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