Essential things to carry for Gay male escorts

8 Sep

When heading out on an appointment, it is important for a male escort in Toronto to bring anything they might possibly need along with them. After meeting with a client there likely won’t be much of a chance to stop for something at a store, so thinking ahead is a necessity.

One of the most obvious and essential items that any gay male escort needs to bring on an appointment is a plentiful selection of condoms. Having different varieties is important because some clients may have a sensitivity to latex, or just prefer a different type. The same goes for lube: Bring a variety of flavors and kinds in case the client has a preference. Other things you may want to consider are extra cologne and deodorant, breath mints or mouth wash, money, a bottle of water and an energy drink or small snack. It can’t hurt if you bring a selection of toys for the client to choose from, and perhaps some Poppers, as clients do occasionally request them.

Aside from these essentials, it is important to remember for a gay escorts that the most important things that they can take to an appointment are your body, your brain, and a big friendly smile.

To the escorts: Are there any other items that we should include on this list? What do you bring with you on appointments? Feel free to comment if you have items to add. If it is useful to you, there is a good chance it could be useful to another escort.

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