Questions you need to ask Gay male escorts

23 Oct

Getting a body massage from one of the male escorts in Toronto will be an added advantage for you whilst you enjoy your company with the Gay male escort in Toronto. Nothing is as fulfilling as a full body massage from a partner whom you can trust and who is there with you just for you. In the last article we had talked on points that would be helpful in choosing and proceeding with the massage therapies with a male escort. We present some more ideas here that will be extremely helpful in deciding your course of action.
1.) Know When to Move On

In some cases, you may contact a masseur for a session or for questions without hearing back. While most masseurs are able to get back to clients in a timely fashion, sometimes things come up and they aren’t able to. If you’ve been contacting a masseur and you haven’t heard back quickly, you may need to simply move on and find another one of our masseurs who will be able to serve you faster.

2.) Always Ask Questions

Speaking of contact, it’s important that you always ask if you have any. Remember, you’re paying for a great time, and this means that you should feel comfortable with the entire arrangement. Our gay male escorts and masseurs are professionals, and they are always open and ready to answer any questions you may have about their services. Our goal is to give our clients courteous, professional and confidential service, all while offering a fun and exciting time. If you have a question, contact your masseur directly to get the answer.

3.) Understand Your Agreement

Additionally, it’s important to contact your masseur ahead of time so that you both understand what will take place. Having an agreement in place ahead of time helps the entire date to go smoothly, and it can help you to avoid unexpected surprises. Whether you’re simply getting a relaxing massage from a hot guy or you’re ready for some sexy fun, make sure you and your masseur come to an agreement before the date.

4.) Let Your Masseur Know About Changes

If something comes up and you’re unable to make your date, you should contact your masseur as soon as possible. Our masseurs understand that you can’t always control where life goes, so they will always be willing to work with you to reschedule. Likewise, if you want to change, add or remove services from your date, let your masseur know so that they can prepare.

5.) Tipping

Finally, you may be wondering how much to tip your masseur after your date is over. The fact is, there is no customary amount that should be given, and the tip you offer should be based upon the level of service you received. Keep in mind that our masseurs work very hard to please their clients, and while tipping is never expected, it is always appreciated. is dedicated to providing only the finest in gay male escorts and sexy companions, and we want all of our clients to receive total satisfaction. Whether you’ve had a gay massage before or you’re interested in a first-time experience, we’ve got all the hot guys you’ll ever need.

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