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The Top 10 Aphrodisiacs for Gay Men

18 Jan

If you’re having trouble relaxing and enjoying the intimate moments in your life, an aphrodisiac may be just what you need. An aphrodisiac is considered to be anything that helps you to relax and feel sexual, and many men use aphrodisiacs when engaging in sexual play with their partners. Below is a list of 10 of the best aphrodisiacs to get you in the mood:

1.) A Hot Partner

There’s no better way to get in the mood than by simply being around a hot guy. If you don’t have a special guy in your life at the moment, you could always hook up with some male escorts to get your blood pumping.

2.) Spinach

Believe it or not, spinach isn’t just for growing strong muscles. Because spinach helps to regulate the estrogen in a man’s body, it can create a healthy balance of testosterone, and testosterone is an aphrodisiac itself.

3.) Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is an herb that allows the smooth muscles, such as those found in the penis, to relax. This can then increase blood flow and pressure in the area to aid in sexual arousal.

4.) Yohimbine

Yohimbine comes from the bark of the West African Yohimbine tree, and it’s known to increase blood pressure and flow in the pelvic region. When taken in the proper dosage, it can also help men to stay harder for longer.

5.) Exercise

One of the best free aphrodisiacs in the world is exercise. By taking just a little bit of time each day to get in some exercise, you’ll look better and feel better, and when you look and feel your best, your confidence grows along with your sexual prowess.

6.)Tribulus Terrestris

By producing lutenizing hormones in the testes, Tribulus Terrestris ultimately increasing the production of testosterone. Because testosterone is a key ingredient in determining a man’s level of sexual desire, Tribulus Terrestris is known the world over as a great aphrodisiac.

7.) Testosterone

As mentioned, testosterone itself can be considered an aphrodisiac due to the way it works within a man’s body. Testosterone gives men their sexual identity, and along with high levels of testosterone comes a high level of interest in sex.

8.) Maca Root

Maca Root is found in Peru, and it functions to balance hormones within a man’s body, including testosterone. When hormones are properly balanced, sexual arousal is easier to achieve, and performance is often enhanced.

9.) Mucuna Pruriens

As a legume found in the tropics, Mucuna Pruriens assists in sexual function by inducing dopamine into the brain. Dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical in the human body, and it assists in emotional and mental balance. Because Mucuna Prurients is able to induce more dopamine, the brain is more relaxed and able to engage in sexual functions.

10.) Damiana

Damiana is another herb that is used as an aphrodisiac, but it is often found to work best in conjunction with other herbs, including Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root and Tongkat Ali.

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Top Ten Gay Holiday Destinations

2 Jan

As a gay man, you probably love to travel and take in the world’s ability to offer unique, fun, vibrant and differing cultures during the holidays, but unfortunately, you probably also know how it feels to travel to straight-oriented destinations where you’re outnumbered. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most gay-friendly holiday destinations for you. The next time you plan to take a holiday trip, consider visiting the following 10 hotspots for gay men:

1.) Bohemia – Prague, Czech Republic

For history buffs and those men who love architecture, Bohemia, located in Prague, is amazing. The area boasts an assortment of historical buildings that show off Prague’s rich history and European flare, and when you get done checking out the sights for the day, you can indulge in Bohemia’s wild gay nightlife.

2.) Capital Federal District – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Although most people know Buenos Aires as the capital of Argentina, most don’t know about the city’s Capital Federal District and its fantastic assortment of gay clubs. Whether you want to soak in some rays and play in the sand, or you want to hook up with hot guys, Buenos Aires’ Capital Federal District has it all.

3.) Gay Ski Week – Aspen, Colorado

If you’re a skier, outdoor enthusiast or just a lover of culture and fun, Aspen’s annual Gay Ski Week something for you. From skiing events and hiking to film festivals and nightclub specials, gay men can find fun, excitement and romance in Colorado.

4.) Patong Beach – Phuket, Thailand

Home to pride parades and other liberating public events, Patong Beach, located in Phuket, Thailand, is a great place to unwind during the holidays. Gay men can enjoy inexpensive nightlife, hot bodies and a welcoming atmosphere in this gay-friendly travel destination.

5.) Highlands Inn – Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Although Highlands Inn is known as a destination for lesbians, many gay men also visit for the area’s exciting hiking, rock climbing, golfing and more. Located in White Mountain country, Highlands Inn is the perfect getaway for gay men who want seclusion mixed with romantic adventure.

6.) Rehobeth Beach – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Home to both the North Shores and Poodle Beach communities, Rehobeth Beach, Delaware, is a favorite among older and younger gay men alike. If you want to experience fun in the sand, head to North Shores, but if you want to experience the hip nightlife of Poodle Beach and a variety of public house parties, head south for fun.

7.) Costa Rica – Costa Rica, Central America

Because Costa Rica is known the world over as one of the most progressive countries regarding gay rights, you can’t go wrong by visiting the area. Offering everything from volcanoes to nightclubs to rainforests, Costa Rica is the perfect place to strike up a little bit of romance and daring.

8.) Turtle Cove Resort – Cairns, Australia

For the ultimate in fun in the sun, turn to Turtle Cove Resort in Cairns, Australia. Turtle Cove Resort offers a private gay beach, snorkeling, massage parlors, whitewater rafting and more. If you want to travel for the holidays in style and comfort, Turtle Cove Resort has exactly what you’re looking for.

9.) Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Famous for its noticeable blue chairs set out at its beachfront, Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea offers gay men the opportunity to take in drag shows, relaxing massages and more. Because Blue Chairs is an adult-only establishment, only men over 18 years of age are welcome.

10.) Church Street – Toronto, Canada

For a more down-to-earth holiday travel experience, you can also check out Church Street in Toronto. Home to many gay-friendly establishments and known for its gay-friendly laws, Toronto’s Church Street district offers warm cafes, wedding venues for gay couples and more.

No matter where you are during the holidays, remember that offers the best in male escorts. If you aren’t able to travel during the holidays, why not hit up for gay escorts in your area? You don’t have to be lonely during the holiday season – sign up today and find a date tonight to celebrate with.

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What Makes the Premiere Escort Destination Online?

10 Dec

While looking for gay escorts online one needs to be very careful as the cyber world is brimming with conmen who just need your money and will never show up with the services they have promised to deliver. An individual seeking Gay male escorts needs to check for the reputation and standing of any male escorts agency before shelling out any amount of money.

Each year, many men are let down by online escort services. It’s unfortunate, but most online escort sites are unprofessional and difficult to navigate, and this leads to dates that are lackluster. Thankfully, is here to change all of that! is the number one place to go on the web if you’re looking for hot guys in your area. Using, you can browse loads of listings for gay male escorts, masseurs, strippers and more, all in your area. The best part is that it’s all free and easy to use.

Whether you want to find a cute guy to hang out with for the night, or you’re looking for a sexy male stripper for your next party with your friends, has what you need. Additionally, is a confidential service, so you’ll never have to worry about your identity being exposed. Using the latest in security technology, the site keeps all data private, allowing visitors to browse its listings with confidence.

Another reason so many guys turn to is that it offers the chance to narrow down searches based upon specific preferences. You can search based on age, height, weight, fetishes and so much more, meaning you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also contact escorts, masseurs and strippers directly through the site, making the entire process more convenient and safe.

If you’re interested in making cash and spending time with hot guys, you can even sign up to become an escort on the site. allows male escorts to sign up for free to get contacts, so if you’ve ever considered becoming an escort, now is the time and is the place to do it. When you sign up, you’ll be offered the chance to take part in a growing industry, and you’ll get all of the perks that come along with it, including making lots of cash and enjoying quality time with fun guys.

Making a reputation for itself has emerged as the undisputed leader in providing quality services along with building trust with its client base. Many individuals who have chosen to be a part of irentescort as gay male strippers are having a gala time meeting new people almost everyday and making a good living.

Remember, whether you’re looking for in-call services, out-call services, overnights or you just want a companion for a hot night out on the town, should be your destination for fun and excitement. Don’t waste your time with other escort sites that don’t deliver – trust the professionals at and start having fun with sexy men tonight.

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Gay escorts beginning a dialogue

2 Nov

In relation to gay escorts and gay male massage therapy sessions, a lot of men who’ve never had both experience end up having questions. Just what exactly should I undertake? What is going to take place inside my restorative massage session or even date? Must I provide a tip? What if I’m stressed? Because of this, we have come up with several quick and easy solutions to assist guys make the most from their visits as well as dates.

Do Escorts or Masseurs Equal Intercourse?

The straightforward answer is no. Any time you spend cash to obtain a gay male therapeutic massage or perhaps have Gay male escorts shower you with interest as well as fondness, you are merely investing in the time and company of any sizzling guy. With that in mind, when you as well as your friend choose to do intercourse, that’s concerning you and him.

How Could I Setup an arrangement or perhaps Date?

All you need to do will be reach out and contact a person. Our service, found at, comes with a variety of solutions to speak to gay escorts and masseurs who are derived from all types of backdrops. Whenever arranging your appointment, you shouldn’t be restless – think about all of the fun you will get. Ensure to ask questions of your escort if you’re undecided regarding things, and in addition make sure to be honest about yourself as well if an escort has questions.

How To Respond Inside My Appointment or Date?

The easiest method to handle any restorative massage consultation or even a date will be to just be yourself. Keep in mind, you happen to be one spending money on the particular program, consequently there’s no need to place up a front. Be yourself, chill out, celebrate and pay attention to where matters proceed. Additionally, if you’re running late, it is often respectful to permit your own date or masseur know as soon as possible. Normally, your current man will be thrilled to modify their schedule to meet your requirements.

What is the Payment Procedure Like?

Most often, your payment way and value might be agreed upon before you decide to talk with your date or masseur. This should actually be discovered beforehand in order to avoid just about any unexpected situations, both for you and also for him. You might also like to get a listing of fees from him so that you can understand what services could possibly be added on just before your own date or perhaps consultation, meaning you could prefer to take part in various other individual activities when you’re unexpectedly feeling daring.

Do You Have To Tip?

The issue of tipping male escorts or gay masseurs is that comes up a lot, although the simple matter stays: it is best to tip dependant on your service as well as amount of enjoyment. Don’t forget, these guys work tirelessly to thrill you, so your tip really should be presented properly.


Eventually, the complete reason for finding a gay escort or gay masseur is to have fun and also calm down. Do not over think things. If you’ve never experienced the delight another man can bring you, don’t be concerned – countless men were exactly like you at one point in time. For the present time, merely check out the hot males on, find your current fantastic match and prepare to get off!

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Questions you need to ask Gay male escorts

23 Oct

Getting a body massage from one of the male escorts in Toronto will be an added advantage for you whilst you enjoy your company with the Gay male escort in Toronto. Nothing is as fulfilling as a full body massage from a partner whom you can trust and who is there with you just for you. In the last article we had talked on points that would be helpful in choosing and proceeding with the massage therapies with a male escort. We present some more ideas here that will be extremely helpful in deciding your course of action.
1.) Know When to Move On

In some cases, you may contact a masseur for a session or for questions without hearing back. While most masseurs are able to get back to clients in a timely fashion, sometimes things come up and they aren’t able to. If you’ve been contacting a masseur and you haven’t heard back quickly, you may need to simply move on and find another one of our masseurs who will be able to serve you faster.

2.) Always Ask Questions

Speaking of contact, it’s important that you always ask if you have any. Remember, you’re paying for a great time, and this means that you should feel comfortable with the entire arrangement. Our gay male escorts and masseurs are professionals, and they are always open and ready to answer any questions you may have about their services. Our goal is to give our clients courteous, professional and confidential service, all while offering a fun and exciting time. If you have a question, contact your masseur directly to get the answer.

3.) Understand Your Agreement

Additionally, it’s important to contact your masseur ahead of time so that you both understand what will take place. Having an agreement in place ahead of time helps the entire date to go smoothly, and it can help you to avoid unexpected surprises. Whether you’re simply getting a relaxing massage from a hot guy or you’re ready for some sexy fun, make sure you and your masseur come to an agreement before the date.

4.) Let Your Masseur Know About Changes

If something comes up and you’re unable to make your date, you should contact your masseur as soon as possible. Our masseurs understand that you can’t always control where life goes, so they will always be willing to work with you to reschedule. Likewise, if you want to change, add or remove services from your date, let your masseur know so that they can prepare.

5.) Tipping

Finally, you may be wondering how much to tip your masseur after your date is over. The fact is, there is no customary amount that should be given, and the tip you offer should be based upon the level of service you received. Keep in mind that our masseurs work very hard to please their clients, and while tipping is never expected, it is always appreciated. is dedicated to providing only the finest in gay male escorts and sexy companions, and we want all of our clients to receive total satisfaction. Whether you’ve had a gay massage before or you’re interested in a first-time experience, we’ve got all the hot guys you’ll ever need.

At, you can also sign up to be an escort yourself. Working as an escort is a great way to make money, spend time with interesting guys and have a great time, all at once. To find out more, just visit our homepage at There, you’ll see a link that allows you to quickly and easily sign up and get on your way to fun, romantic dates and much, much more.

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Gay male escorts doubling up as Masseurs

13 Oct

Though you can find gay and straight masseurs, most gay men prefer to be rubbed by a different gay man – it is just softer. As a result, we provide you with an intensive directory of gay male masseurs and gay escorts from all over, and we are bound to get what exactly you are looking for. If you have never had a therapeutic massage from a gay masseur right before, you may be undecided about what to expect, therefore we have put together a list of ideas to help you make the most from your massage encounter:

1.) Settle on Your current Therapeutic massage Variety

Deep massages are available in quite a lot of types, and our masseurs can have all of them. No matter if you are thinking about a sensuous Swedish massage or perhaps you are searching for a thing even more crazy, we’ve got you covered. When browsing through our listing of warm masseurs and escorts, you’ll find a possibility to plan out your budget, and you may likewise see which masseurs are offered to meet you at your own place and those that allow you to come to these.

2.) Try your own Masseur’s Profile

When you have selected your own massage type and you have found the appropriate masseur, browse their profile properly to determine responses to questions you will have. Often times, masseurs will even market virtually any special deals or even various other products and services they provide directly on their summary, and this also will save you funds. Reading through over your masseur’s report can also help your current experience to look finer, as you’ll know early what to expect.

3.) Remedial or even Intimate?

As mentioned, our gay escorts as well as masseurs provide all sorts of solutions, together with therapeutic and also erotic massage therapy. Should you be undecided about the real difference, a therapeutic massage is generally a massage therapy that you choose that helps to undo stiff muscular tissues and means that you can loosen up, although an lusty massage is in which you as well as your masseur are generally naked, plus it may come with some additional erotic benefits – that is among you and your masseur.

4.) Usually Double-Check Places

Just before your own massage date, continually double-check the situation where it will likely be organized. Should you be going to provide an out-call, when the massuer arrives for you, in which case you should not be concerned; having said that, should you be owning an in-call session, where you go to the masseur, you’ll want to make certain you hold the perfect location and time so that you will not be late. You really should check this information upon your own masseur’s report, otherwise you will probably want to ensure it when using the masseur themself.

5.) Look at Assessments

As with several assistance, it’s always best if you take a look at opinions right before placing down any money. Looking at reviews of the masseur you have in mind can give you a good sensation of the support you can anticipate, also it can also save you from getting hit by any shocks. After your session is finished, it is usually courteous to go on the internet and leave an evaluation yourself, as this should help others to know whether you liked your current ordeal or not.

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Awesome Advantages of Hiring Gay Male Escorts

22 Sep

Despite the social stigma that may be attached to Gay Male escorts, there are a number of awesome advantages that come with hiring gay escorts. The first of these advantages, and probably the one that attracts most men to the service in the first place, is the fact that with gay male escorts, there are no strings attached. Relationships take a lot of time and effort to maintain, and many men simply are too busy to find and date a potential partner. While trust and intimacy take time to develop in a normal relationship, your relationship with your escort will be easy, fun and hassle free. With your escort, you will never have to worry about incompatibilities or complications dragging down the relationship. You will simply have a friendly and fun person who is willing to spend time with you, listen to you, provide intriguing conversation, and possibly great sex.

Another great advantage of hiring an escort over having a boyfriend is that in an escort relationship, it’s all about you. No longer will you have to argue over where to go to dinner, what movie you want to see, or whether or not a season pass to the theater is worth the price. Of course, if you are lucky enough to find a compatible life partner then these things will not really be an issue, and you probably won’t be needing an escort in the first place. But if you are single, having the escort to take part in your favorite activities with you can really take the edge off of your loneliness. Some men grow to love the power that comes with going out with an escort so much that they end up preferring escorts to regular relationships.

When you hire gay male escorts, you are able to choose whichever ones suit you with great ease. If you had to walk into a nightclub in the hopes of meeting someone, you would have to take the time to talk to a variety of men, discover if each one is available or not, find out if any of them would possibly be interested in you, and on top of all that, you still would have to find out whether or not they would be compatible with you.

The dating world is brutal, and it’s more than possible that on any given night you wouldn’t even see one man you find attractive, let alone one who is also attracted to you. Some men enjoy this cat and mouse dating game, but if you are busy and want to get right to the good stuff, hiring an escort is much easier and far less stressful. Taking an hour to browse photos online could lead you to exactly what you’re looking for, versus spending hours upon hours, days or even weeks visiting singles bars and seeking Mr. Right. Many websites even allow you to search by skin color, hair style, eye color, or any other features which are important to you. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

This brings us to an important question: With all of this easy greatness going on, what happens if you begin to fall in love with your escort?

It makes sense that you might begin to develop feelings for an escort, especially if you hire the same person again and again over a long period of time. It would almost be unnatural if you didn’t experience feelings of some sort considering that the escort will treat you with kindness and respect, listen to you, and do the sort of things you are interested in doing (sexually or otherwise). It is important to remember, however, that while the escort may genuinely like you and enjoy your company, he will never be able to offer you an exclusive relationship. He is just doing his job as a professional and likely has other clients whom he behaves this way towards as well.

If you feel that you are beginning to develop serious feelings toward one of your gay male escorts, perhaps it would be better to take a break and see a different escort for a change. If not, be sure to treat the relationship as a friendship arrangement, and definitely do not build up any ideas in your head that your escort is going to quit his job and be with you exclusively. Although I’m sure this has happened on rare occasions, it isn’t likely, and hoping for it is only setting yourself up for disappointment.

What should you do instead? Focus on the awesome advantages of the escort relationship, and all of the things you can have with him that you couldn’t have with a regular boyfriend. Enjoy the time you spend together without hoping for more, and you will eventually see that although unconventional, the escort/client relationship can be a great and satisfying one. To know more about Toronto Male Escorts feel free to visit –